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World-class spa with Vedic aesthetics.

Our world-class spa udumbara is named after a tree called Ficus Racemora. In Buddhism, udumbara (Sanskrit, Pali; Devanagari: औदुंबर) refers to the tree, flower and fruit of the Ficus racemosa. According to Buddhist mythology, the flower was said to bloom only once every 3000 years and thus came to symbolize events of rare occurrence.

We have constructed Udumbara spa & salon with Vedic aesthetics. We created an architectural design which incorporated the ancient trees of the property. Our professional therapists are experts in massage and rejuvenation techniques, beauty rituals and wellness programs with healing benefits for both, body and soul. The aroma, aesthetics, vibe, and everything come together to make you feel comfortable and fresh after a long day at work or travel.


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